Kyeri’s Qeka Samye


As a very young puppy Samye frequently reminded me of her sire at the same age; full of attitude and quite fearless. Now that she's grown up she is so much like her dam in both looks and mannerisms it is amazing.

Samye has always been a bit of a wild child... very silly and very very naughty. She is now living with my friend Helen where she is the centre of attention and enjoying her senior years.

Samye's Profile

Born:  October 15, 2009

Sire: GCHEX/AM CH Kyeri’s Jetsun Karchu RE Am RN

Dam: Am/Can Ch Wanted Nice Dog's Kyeri Kha Dbang

Size: 14.5"

Samye's Health Checks

Hips: TT-3771E

Patella: TT-PA136


NCL: NCLB14241

Eyes: TT-EYE339/59F-VPI

PLL: PLL14733

PRA3: PC2783

rcd4: RCDD7112

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