Dogs should be companions first and show dogs second, so all our dogs live in the house as members of the family.

About Us

I first met Tibetan Terriers when my mom brought one home back in 1983. Hillary was about 13 months old and was quite the character. She was also our introduction to showing dogs. Mom bred her and I bought the golden male I had fallen in love with. Norbu was the first purebred dog I officially owned. I was head over heels in love with the breed and as I made plans to purchase a female, I registered my kennel name with the Canadian Kennel Club. Kyeri is Tibetan for 'mountain of happiness'. I came across it in a book and it just seemed like the perfect fit for these dogs who provide so much happiness every day.

I did a lot of research before deciding which breeder to get my next dog from. It was not as easy back in those days without the internet! I contacted the breeders whose dogs I liked the look of in the TTCA Yearbooks and travelled down to California to meet Winnie Wuesthoff. Our visit was timed so we could also attend a local show where there was a supported entry for Tibetan Terriers. It was my first time seeing so many TTs! It confirmed that the look of Winnie's dogs and the Lamleh lines were what I really preferred, and since that time I have been working to preserve and protect the Lamleh line.

We are located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, which is about 1 hour east of Vancouver and 2 hours north of Seattle, Washington. Our home is on 5 acres and the dogs have a fabulous area to romp in. Sure we lose a little coat this way, but the emotional and physical health of my dogs is worth much more than a perfect coat to me. When they aren’t running around playing, the dogs are usually found snoozing on the couch, on my lap, or lying around with their favourite toys.

We are active showing in conformation and sometimes rally obedience. Most of the shows we attend are local, however we occasionally travel throughout Canada and the USA to attend shows. Our dogs have been very successful, and most importantly we enjoy the outings. Over the years we have made many friends who share our passion.

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